On your To-Do List for the coming week…


If you wouldn’t say it to a friend, don’t say it to, or about, yourself.

Part of developing an exercise routine and a general atmosphere of health is creating a healthy mental outlook.

It doesn’t do you any good to tell yourself that you’re fat, disgusting, lazy, or inept.
All of those qualities(true or untrue) are things that can be changed. You are a work in progress, and the right self-talk can be just the motivation you need to make those changes.

Know that you are capable of doing anything humanly attainable with enough opportunity, motivation, practice, and time. Set your first goals reasonably, and re-evaluate them as you move on and up.

You will become what you believe yourself to be!

You are a good person, with many positive qualities, and you are WORTH the time it takes to attain your health goals.

This week(and from here on out!) stop when you catch you beating yourself up. Replace those negative words with something more positive. Keep in mind that you are likely your biggest and most harsh critic.

This is something I have personally struggled with quite a bit, and am only now beginning to overcome. Have any of you successfully turned around the negative self-talk? How did you do it?


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  1. I think so. I think your article will give those people a good reminding. And they will express thanks to you later

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