Move To Master: Deep Swimmer’s Press

The Deep Swimmer’s Press is one of my favourites for many reasons, but the most important reason is that it’s a multi-tasker.

I love moves that help simplify your workout, so that you can work a maximum number of muscles in less time. The Deep Swimmer’s Press works your Deltoids(Shoulders) and Biceps in one awesome move!

Deep Swimmer’s Presses will give women shapely, firm(and strong!) upper arms and shoulders, and help men achieve the strong physique they desire. Strong shoulders look great on everyone, man or woman!

It is called a “Swimmer’s Press” because it somewhat mimics the motion of a freestyle swimming stroke.

This move is not difficult, but you should start with lighter weights, until you get it mastered, so that you don’t risk rotator cuff or tendon injury. Gradually increase the weight you use as your ability to execute the move increases, until you find a weight that is challenging, but enables you to keep good form.

You can hit all aspects of the deltoids by switching up your grip(under/over handed). You can engage more muscles, and encourage the development of balance, by using stability discs, Bosu, or sitting on a stability ball as you perform the exercise.

Be sure to stand with knees slightly bent(I prefer to have one foot forward as well), and do not rely on your back, or momentum, to propel the weights. If you need to do this, use a lower weight.

Start with dumbbells in hand,  bend your elbows to bring the dumbbells up to your shoulders (as in a basic biceps curl).

Next, bring your elbows out to the sides, forearms angled up. Be sure to engage the muscles, so you don’t hurt your elbows. Then, press the dumbbells straight up, and bring everything back down, using the opposite motions.

A video is much more helpful than seeing it written it out. So watch this video before attempting:


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