New beginnings…

Though soon we’ll be upon the two year anniversary of Yellow Turtle Fitness’s inception, I would like to announce today that I am moving on to bigger things. I have decided to focus the majority of my attention on education, as I look forward to moving into the administrative and educational side of health and policy.

What does this mean for clients?

I will continue training with my current clients for as long as they desire, but will not be accepting new clients at this time.
However, I may not be giving up individual fitness training completely! In the future, if I decide to take on new training clients, it will be through my professional profile at IDEAfit, under my name — not through this website.

What does this mean for Facebook/Twitter fans and Blog readers?

All blog archives that are currently available will remain available to read, but the domain name( will be set to expire later in the year. When it does, the archives will be found at its former wordpress blog address (
I will no longer be updating the Twitter or Facebook feeds. However,
I will continue to write. You may still see me in various types of publications in the future.

Thank you all for supporting me in my first few years as a professional trainer. I have learned a lot, met many wonderful people, and will continue to spread the message of good health with my future endeavors.